The Economy of Life

economy_commandThe economy is in the spotlight daily. It is discussed frequently on the news, on blogs, and around water coolers. There is a sense of anxiety and worry among many. We have tightened our wallets, reexamined our budgets, and many have had to look for new jobs. On a national level we have bailed out banks and companies at unprecedented levels. Perhaps one of the areas that has not been discussed is the impact the economy is having on life issues and is there a type of economy that protects life over another.

First, according to the Associated Press, there is an increase in abortions due to lack of money to pay for an abortion.  Stephanie Poggi of the National Network of Abortion Funds, which helps women in need pay for abortions, said calls to the network’s national helpline have nearly quadrupled from a year ago. “A lot of women who never thought they’d need help are turning to us,” Poggi said. “They’re telling us, ‘I’ve already put off paying my rent, my electric bill. I’m cutting back on my food.’ They’ve run through all the options.”

Babies are viewed as too expensive and too big a burden on the women, and thus the reasoning goes their best option is abortion. Planned Parenthood and other such groups prey on the anxieties and fears that these women and couples are experiencing. Instead of trying to help the couple get on their feet financially, they instead fund the abortion.

I once met with the Sisters of Life from New York and in talking with them they discussed our need to support women and to help them get out of the circumstances they are in, so that, they can truly make a choice. Too often, the sisters said, these women feel like abortion is their only option, and thus, they really are not free to make a “choice.” It seems that in these rough economic times, we need to work to ease the burden on these women so that they can make a choice free of fear, anxiety, and the unknown.

So, now you might be saying, “We need a bailout for these women. If we can get the government to turn around the economy to ease the burden on the less fortunate, abortion numbers will go down.”

This line of thinking leads me to my next point—what is the best economic approach to save lives.

Earlier in the year, we had a little glimpse of the mindset of the majority party in government. In the original stimulus bill, money was being set aside to fund contraceptives.  And when asked about this, Nancy Pelosi had this to say on ABC News:

“Well, the family planning services reduce cost. They reduce cost. The states are in terrible fiscal budget crises now and part of what we do for children’s health, education and some of those elements are to help the states meet their financial needs,” the top House Democrat responded.

“One of those – one of the initiatives you mentioned, the contraception, will reduce costs to the states and to the federal government,” Pelosi added.

“So no apologies for that?” Stephanopoulos continued.

“No apologies. No. we have to deal with the consequences of the downturn in our economy,” Pelosi added.

This gives us a little glimpse into the future. The more control we give to the government over our daily lives, the more control we give to them to provide for us whether it be for health care, for a job, or for retirement, the larger the burden becomes on the government–a burden they simply cannot afford. So as our dependency increases, people become viewed as burdens and costly. Here are some examples:

  • The number of people on social security is going to increase, people are living longer, and because of abortions, there are less people to pay into the system and so, the elderly and retired will be viewed as too much of a financial burden to the government.  Euthanasia and assisted suicide become acceptable and morally, they are the right thing to do. The reasoning becomes, “Why would you want to put your family and the generations to come under such a financial burden?”
  • Earlier in the year there was a controversy over “death panels.”  Many fear them, because they see it as a logical conclusion to a government run health plan.  If the cost is to great, then they can envision lack of care for the elderly or worse a passive and active, “die now” attitude.  
  • As we become more and more dependent on the government to provide health care or provide us with quality jobs, the government simply cannot sustain this level of burden. Abortions become more and more funded, because we cannot afford to support anymore people.  Population control becomes more and more promoted in the United States.
  • The disabled and mentally handicapped become a burden on the government and thus more and more pre-born screening is encouraged and funded to abort out those that will cost too much.

Nancy Pelosi gives us a glimpse of the dangers that come with giving the government more and more control over our financial affairs. In theory, if everyone in our government supported life, if life issues weren’t an issue, if we kept God and truth in society and government, then a more socialized economy under a benevolent government could work. Given the current circumstances; however, having a more diversified economy not reliant on government, more in the hands of the American worker and families could help prevent the dangerous population control policies down the road and could serve as a real balance of power. 

So, how do we help women who decide to have an abortion due to lack of money. That burden is not on the government, it is on us. It is on the churches, nonprofit organizations, the pro-life community, and all you who want to save lives. We don’t need to nationalize helping others, the reality is that by us doing it, it will be more efficient and more effective.

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