The Difference of One

Crossing the TiberEvery year at the Rite of Election in my diocese, the Bishop stands up and does an informal poll with those seeking to become Catholic at Easter.  He asks them how many of them decided to become Catholic through reading Catholic literature or hearing or seeing Catholic radio and television?  Some hands raise.  He then asks them how many of them become Catholic because of someone they know?  Every hand goes up! 

In my journey to the Catholic Church, I did much research and read books and listened to tapes–all because of one person–Biff Rocha.  While, my journey did not actually begin with Biff, he was there at a time when the questions came to a head and having been there himself was able to direct, guide, and point me to the resources and things I needed. 

I say this one to thank Biff, of whose testimony was posted recently, but more imporantly for the reader to realize that you can make a difference in the lives of others.  God can and will work through you to plant seeds or to water.  Biff is an example of that in my life! We are called to be faithful.  We need to remember that for people to come to know Christ, to come to know the Eucharist, to come to know the Church, it first starts with us…the person sent.  And as children of God through baptism and empowered by the Spirt at our Confirmation we are sent to go out into our world and bring them the good news.  I shutter to think where my life would be if, after Biff recommitted himself to the Catholic Church of his youth, he decided to keep quiet about his faith.  We too must not keep quiet, but proclaim, and proclaim boldly. 

After becoming Catholic in Easter of 1999, I have had many opportunities to share with others my journey across the Tiber.  I never get tired of telling people of the discoveries I made through God’s grace and care.  In telling people of my conversion, I like to emphasis two points: 1) It is by God’s grace 2) it is not a rejection of my Methodism as a child or my evangelical, nondenominationalism in college, but rather its fulfillment.  In speaking of my conversion I have been blessed to be able to share it with audiences in print, radio, and television.  I humbly share with you some of these resources as a testimony of what God has done and is doing in my life.  I am grateful to Marcus Grodi and the Coming Home Network for the opportunity to do so. 

The Coming Home Network International publishes a newsletter.  My testimony was featured in 2005.  Click here to read it. 

Journeyshome2This story was published in this wonderful book about converts called Journeys Home put out by the Coming Home Network and edited by Mr. Marcus Grodi.  If you do not have this resource I would encourage you to get it!  It is worth the read, and not just because I am in it!  Click on the book for more information. 



I was also blessed to appear with Marcus Grodi on his show Journeys Home on EWTN.  To listen, click here.

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