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  1. I am honored to have known the man ,who after 300 years of waiting..became the third needed miracle for Blessed Claude to become Saint. Fr.John Houle SJ was also tortured in a far off land..and exiled..but he also produced a modest flimstrip titled: Heart of a Priest…I purchased a copy and presented it to many organizations here on Long Island and other areas..thus have letters of encouragement from Fr.Houle. He was dieing from Pulmonary Fibrosis in 1990..and his friend Fr.Parish placed a relic of Blessed Claude on his forehead and asked all in the room at the hospital for Claude to intercede..and he did and Fr.Houle was cured!!! I treasure his letters and photos sent to me and hope to someday see his name in the saint listings..a book on such a possibilty is out…………………..N

  2. I am one of the many nephews to Father John Houle. My mom – Mary Catherine Houle (Wieczorek) was a beautiful mother to nine children. My dad worked hard and lived his life for his kids, as well. I remember an early 1960(s) visit from Father John when my mom was trying to keep us from the dinner table food with a spoon. Father always kept that as a special memory in his mind, Father also presided at my wedding to Laura Chutuk when he confused my wife to be by leading her to say “I Robert”. I’ll bet he is still chuckling about that in heaven right now. I also have some video of a family baptism where Father blessed all attendees with St Claude’s relic. God bless him and give him peace. May that blessing and peace be shared and distributed to all of us. little bobby

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