A New Blog to Follow: Parenting Mortification

David doing penance after being confronted by Nathan

From the same author/blogger as Theologian Mom, comes a relatively new but increasingly popular blog called Parenting Mortification. This is a very useful blog for any parent, or anyone giving spiritual guidance to parents, on how to embrace, creatively and fruitfully, the many little and big crosses that come our way naturally as parents, and turning them into spiritual means of nourishment—-turning them into prayer (as mortifications), thus growing closer to God through them, and helping others with them. She advertises the blog as, “Parenting spirituality for Catholic moms and dads…who sometimes find it hard.” There’s some great stuff here, and especially helpful for Lent.  We are pleased to include this blog among our Friends.

13 thoughts on “A New Blog to Follow: Parenting Mortification”

  1. I teach David & Nathan in catechism class. Interesting that David, who sometimes has conversations with God, hear the words of forgiveness from Nathan.

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