The Crises of Saints–Crisis Magazine

We don’t have to go very far to recognize that there are abundant crises in our world today. We find crises of various proportions in every corner of the globe and in virtually all sectors of society. Check the news online, read the various blogs, twitter feeds, social media, or turn on the radio or TV, and you are guaranteed to be inundated with crises of every sort: crises in the world, crises in the Church, crises in the culture. We don’t even have to turn to news outlets to discover contemporary crises, we find them in the families around us, and in our own families……..

Source: The Crises of Saints–Crisis Magazine

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  1. If I didnt already have the book that would be a cool way to read them!Was just tknihing if they where published that way, i.e. one book per story in a slipcase that would be one nice collection

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