Marriage & the Eucharist

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The Eucharist is the “source and summit” of the Catholic life and it is the “very source of Christian marriage…to which Christian marriage is intimately connected.” [1] Sacrifice is central to both. “This is my body which is given up for you.” (Luke 22:19). Christ gave His life up for the salvation of the world. To be wed to His bride, He had to sacrifice His life, and ultimately give His bride His body in the Blessed Eucharist so that we may be one with Him. When His bride receives Him into herself the Bridegroom (Christ) and the Bride (you and me) became one in communion.

Holy Matrimony also requires sacrifice as described by Paul in Ephesians 5. A man and a woman are called to sacrifice not merely “in its common connotation of enduring difficulty or of giving up something,” but rather “in its etymological meaning of making holy.”[2] In marriage the man and the women must sacrifice themselves in order to be one with their spouse. Like Christ in the Eucharist, the couple sacrifices their bodies in sexual intercourse. Here, the bride receives the bridegroom and the two become one. John Kippley says, “It is, then, this sacramental offering of self to each other, this true sacrificial offering, that makes morally good and humanly meaningful their subsequent communion in sexual intercourse.”[3]

The Eucharist and the Holy Matrimony are both sacraments in different forms of Christ love for His Church. Theologian Christopher West says, “The Eucharist is the sacramental consummation of the marriage between Christ and the Church.”[4] Marriage as a sign of Christ and His Church is also symbolized through the consummation of husband and wife. Marriage in this way was a “foreshadowing”[5] of the Eucharist to come. While the Eucharist at Mass is a renewal of the New Covenant at the Last Supper the sexual act between man and women in marriage is the renewal of the martial covenant instituted on their wedding day.

“As regards the Eucharist, the reception of Christ’s Body into the body of the communicant is analogous to the wife receiving the husband in intimate relations. Both receptions are momentary yet result in abundant physical and spiritual fruit. The reception of the Mass on a daily or weekly cycle is analogous to the repeated acts of intimacy between husband and wife. As husband and wife renew and confirm their marriage vows at each moment of intimacy, so God renews and confirms the covenant with His people at the reception of the Eucharist.”[6]


The link between the Eucharist and marriage is so important that it is encouraged that the vows be made not only before family and friends, but Christ Himself in the Mass. “In this sacrifice of the new and eternal covenant, Christian spouses encounter the source from which their own marriage covenant flows, is interiorly structured and continuously renewed.”[7]

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